Moose Mobile Plans Review

Moose Mobile has just been launched on to the Australian market offering the cheapest costs for unlimited calls, texts and 1Gb mobile data at only $15!

Moose Mobile have no lock in/minimum contracts so if for any reason you aren’t happy after a month you could change provider.

It runs on the Optus 4G Plus network so don’t worry about the quality of the service as it runs on the same networks as other Optus users. They are similar to Amaysim as they also run on the Optus Network.

They also offer unlimited international SMS & MMS which is unusual at this price. This is a great deal.

Moose Mobile also offer larger mobile data plans with unlimited calls and mobiles.

We hope to be able to use their service soon and will review them once we have their SIM but if they are like the other mobile providers they offer a great service at these prices.

As seen on Nine News.

Unlimited calls, texts & data:

2Gb – $24/month

4Gb – $33

6Gb – $39

30Gb – $49

90Gb – $78

Check out their mobile pricing here