Southern Phone Plans & Bundles- Mobile, NBN

Southern Phone Plans and Bundles are some of the most competitive mobile pricing in Australia on unlimited calling, texts and data plans at the moment. They also offer a bundle with NBN or Broadband and home phone line rental- see below.

Southern Phone offer plans which use Telstra 4G  Network or Optus 4G Network (cheaper) and month by month or 12 month contracts (which are cheaper). You need to click on the different green & orange plans to see different networks.

Deals include :

Mobile Plans on 12 month contracts (extra cost if on month-month plan)

$10/month Unlimited calls, texts & 1Gb Data on Optus 4G Network.

$22/month Unlimited plus 4Gb data

$35/month – plus 10Gb data

$50/month- plus 15Gb data

Extra data costs $10/Gb


Telstra 4G Network are more expensive than above but are still competitive compared to standard Telstra 4G plan prices.


Southern Phone Bundles

You can also bundle Southern Phone Mobile with NBN Broadband, home phone line rental and mobile phone plan on Optus 4G Network:

$82/month gives you

  1. Home Phone Line Rental with Unlimited Local & National home phone calls
  2. Unlimited mobile calls, texts & 4Gb data
  3. 200Gb Broadband Data on NBN
  4. Wifi Modem included

This is a great deal for everything you get included in this bundle.


Mobile plans are Sim only plans

Southern Mobile supports international roaming and international calling.

Based in NSW, Australia