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NBN Speeds

Compare Broadband Providers Performance by the independent government organisation the ACC here

Belong Broadband has provided some information about differences in NBN Speeds and what affects it

There are so many competitors now in the broadband market it can be difficult to find who offers the best deals out there.
Here we offer a brief overview of the top deals out there for broadband.

Some of the best deals come from TPG where they bundle broadband and home phone for one low price. Check out the best deals below.

You can usually use your Wifi Modem if it is an NBN modem on another provider.

Compare Unlimited NBN Broadband Deals

Belong Broadband Part of Telstra – month to month contracts available
$65/month & get $80 free Mobile Credit on Belong Mobile (Telstra).

Kogan Broadband $65.90/month for unlimited NBN at standard speeds up to 50 Mbps.

MyNetfone $59.99/month – Unlimited NBN

My Republic $62.95/month

Telstra $89/month

TPG $59.99/month

Low Users up to 20 Gb/month

ADSL2+ including phone line packages
20Gb (10Gb Peak & 10 Gb Off Peak)
$39.99/month includes Phone Rental

High Users

$64.95/month for Unlimited Broadband!
Contract Free

100Gb (50Gb Peak + 50 Gb Off Peak)
$49.99/month includes phone rental
or $59.99 for unlimited data

Compare Mobile Broadband

Some of the Cheapest Deals around currently seem to be coming from Vodafone

These deals work out at a much better deal than prepaid mobile broadband if you are going to be using Mobile Broadband as a regular service for over a year

Dodo Mobile Broadband 25Gb/month for $20/month on 12 month contract.

But what if the mobile broadband reception in my area is no good?

If you’re not happy with the coverage experience you can cancel your service within 30 days. No cancellation fees, just pay what you’ve used.