Savings Accounts

Compare the Highest Interest Rate Savings Accounts 

It has been estimated that Australians could save on average $4000/year by shopping around for a better deals on their home loan, savings account & credit card! Every week that we delay finding a better deal, we waste $77/week!
Account Promo Rate (% p.a.) Promo Rate Details Base Rate (% p.a.) More info
 RAMS Saver Account 3.00 if $200/mth + No Withdrawals  otherwise base rate: 1.35 RAMS Saver

Savings Account

3.05 2.00 RaboDirect


3.00  if have transaction account +$1000 deposit/mth 1.60 Savings Maximiser

USaver Bonus

2.87 (up to $200,000) if deposit $2000/mth 2.06 USaver

Online Saver

2.85 4 months 1.70 Online Saver

Serious Saver


(no interest for month make any withdrawals!)

4 months 1.60

(no interest for month make withdrawal!)

HSBC Serious Saver


2.75 4 months 1.50 Bankwest Telenet
  St George


2.60 3 months 1.00 MaxiSaver


2.51 3 months 1.05 eSaver 


1.90 4 months 1.20 NAB iSaver

Online Saver

2.55 3 months 1.15 Online Saver

 Please note: Rates can change at a moments notice from time to time. Please be aware the company website is the final decision on terms & conditions and rates available for the account.  


Monthly Saver Accounts


Westpac Reward Saver

Earn up to 1.75% p.a. but you need to deposit $50 every month & make no withdrawals otherwise you only earn 0.01% p.a. interest!

ANZ Progress Saver
Earn 1.80% p.a. if you make a deposit over $10 & make no withdrawals in a month (if not only earn 0.01% p.a.!).

These account doesn’t have a limited introductory rate so is great if you don’t want to swap round accounts.
Compare No Monthly Fee Bank accounts
It has never been easier or better time to switch bank accounts in Australia.
Since 1 July 2012 you can easily transfer your bank by just filling out a form! :
  • You ask your new bank to get a list of all your regular direct debits (like regular utility payments) or direct credits (like your salary) made from/to your old bank account in the past 13 months.
  • You decide which regular direct debits or direct credits you would like to switch to your new bank account.
  • You sign a single form that authorises your new bank to provide all of the relevant organisations with your new account details.

Current Best Bank Account Deals

NAB Classic Banking

No monthly fees
No Monthly Deposit requirements (unlike other big banks that require $2000/month deposited)
No ATM fees at NAB or rediATMs
No Overdrawn fees
Comes with Visa Debit card
Canstar 5 star rating
Citibank offer an excellent transaction account.
No ATM fees at Westpac, St Georges, Bank SA or Bank of Melbourne ATMs! (excludes any local charges by ATM operators)
No Monthly fees
No dishonour fee
Comes with free debit card
Bank Cheques are free
NO FEES for INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES (such as online purchases worldwide)! Other banks charge up to 3% of transaction value.
You can even transfer money to other Citibank accounts around the world free!
No monthly fee
$2000 required to open the account
Visa Debit Card
No charge including online transactions
BPAY®, EFTPOS and [email protected]™ with no charge
No minimum ongoing balance required
Cheque book option.
Unlimited ATM transactions at almost 2,700 HSBC, Westpac, St.George and BankSA branded ATMs nationally without incurring an ATM Operator Fee
No monthly fees
No Monthly Deposit requirements
It was awarded Money Magazine Most Innovative Product 2010.
It is an online account as it has no branches but you can deposit free at AusPost shops.
It provides you with a fee free Visa Debit Card.
A cash out bonus: take $200 or more out by eftpos and receive 50c bonus
ATM Rebate: Withdraw over $200 & they reimburse the ATM fee.
However you don’t earn any money on your money in the account.
This is currently the best value account on the market.
Check out the full range of fees & charges here

BankWest Hero AccountIf you pay $2000 into your account each month you get

No monthly fees & interest on balances up to $5000
Fee free Mastercard Debit card
Unlimited free electronic transactions & free withdrawals at Bankwest & CBA ATMs
Chequebook access.
You can access BankWest Branch network
Most other banks have responded to the competition by finally offering no monthly fee account but most of them require you to pay in a set amount each month (up to $2000 a month!)
$0 Account fee if you pay in $2000/month
No withdrawal fee when you access your money from our Global Alliance of over 50,000 ATMs overseas (3% transaction fee still applies), or from any of our 3,000 Westpac, St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA ATMs across Australia
Home Loan Providers
Some of the cheapest home loans are provided by the following providers:
Terms & conditions of accounts listed on any page can change at any time so please check out the company’s website who is providing the product before signing up.