Scooter Licence Requirements in Australia

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Scooter licence requirements with links for NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, NT & Tasmania are shown here. Scooters are great fun and save you money on petrol, parking & licence fees But do you need to sit a test to drive a scooter around in your state. We tell you what type of licence you need for your individual state.

If you have a car licence do you need a motorcycle licence to ride a scooter?

Please check the latest information from the website links below.

In QLD, SA, WA, NT you can ride a scooter under 50cc on a full driving licence

For ACT, NSW, TAS & VIC you need a licence see more details below.


Motorcycle license applies


NSW – check the website for the latest information.

Automatic scooters to 125 cc; conditional rider license:
Applicants must complete a pre-learner rider training course
Satisfy normal learner rider licensing requirements (proof of identity knowledge and eyesight tests)
Accrue 3 months learner tenure and then pass a motorcycle operator’s skills test (MOST)
But they do not perform the pre provisional rider training course
Any subsequent unrestricted riders license issued after the provisional license must have the condition “May only ride an automatic motor bike with an engine capacity not exceeding 160ml”
To remove the condition from a provisional license applicants must complete a pre provisional rider training course then go to a motor registry to have the condition removed

Manual scooters of capacity greater than 160 cc :

Motorcycle license applies


NT Dept Transport

Holders of a provisional/full car license may legally ride 50cc scooters.
For other scooters a motorcycle license applies


Holders of a provisional / full c-class (car) license may legally ride 50 cc scooters
For other scooters a motorcycle license applies


Holders of a provisional / full car license may legally ride 50 cc scooters
For other scooters a motorcycle license applies



Motorcycle license applies



Motorcycle license applies


Holders of a provisional license / full car license may legally ride 50 cc scooters

For other scooters a motorcycle license applies


Buying a Scooter

Easiest choice is often the 50cc scooter. As you can see you often don’t need a special licence to ride this type of scooter & it is the best on petrol.

Choice between 2 & 4 stroke engines


2 stroke


better high end power

You don’t have to change an oil filter as the oil is actually used in running the engine

Tend to be cheaper than 4 stroke


As it uses oil in running the engine it burns the oil & so is worse polluter than 4 stroke

This means you have to frequently have to pay for relatively expensive 2 stroke oil.

The engine apparently doesn’t last as long as 4 stroke engines

Lower fuel economy than 4 stroke


4 Stroke engine


better low end (pulling off power)

less polluting than 2 stroke

Longer lasting engine

Better fuel economy than 2 stroke


Have to change oil filter but as longer lasting engine probably better anyway

Maybe more expensive than 2 stroke scooter as more complicated engine than 4 stroke.

Other things to check

How much storage space does it have?

Is it easy to get off the stand as some can be quite difficult.

If you buy a second hand scooter, check what type of registration it currently has.


In Queensland there is 1 seater & 2 seater registration, so if you only use your scooter for one person & it is registered for two, you almost pay double the price even if youare not carrying the extra person. Also we have heard you can’t convert it back to a one seater registration once it has been registered as a 2 seater.


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Registration requirements



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