Cheapest Car Insurance

Cheapest Car Insurance Deals in Australia are: 

Your Money Magazine has listed Budget Car Insurance as the cheapest car insurance overall is Budget Direct Car Insurance

How to Save on your Car Insurance

  • Shop around. Can save you $100s if you get best deal. Amazing that people spend time trying to get few extra % interest but don’t shop around for car insurance.
  • Combine home, contents & car insurance. Up to 30% discount if you have them all with the same company. (State
  • Always maximise no claims discount (after 1st yr often 30% up to max 66%). Some companies offer no claims protection but remember this is only if you stay with the same company!
  • Consider getting immobiliser or alarm fitted as often get discount (check with your insurance company first)
  • Check the value of the car. May be more than it is worth.
  • Consider a higher excess (you agree to pay the first $250 instead of $100) may give you a discount.
  • Older drivers (usually over 50s) can get discount of up to 20% in some situations
  • Pay premium annually rather than monthly if you can get a lower quote or no surcharge
  • Restrict younger drivers. If you declare no one under 25 will drive the car you may get a discount.
  • Look at 3rd party, fire & theft insurance if your car isn’t worth much.


Your Money Magazine listed Budget Car Insurance as the cheapest car insurance overall:

Budget Direct Car Insurance

Other Cheap Car Insurance Deals: 

Cashback car insurance

Progressive Car Insurance

Coles or Little Red Car Insurance Quote


Remember to check exactly what your insurance covers. Some make you pay the excess until they get it back off the other car insurance even if you are not at fault. Some don’t cover personal possessions. Some don’t do new for old. Some do cover new for old but only for cars under 1 year old whereas some offer it for 2 years.

Cashback car insurance

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