How to unlock your mobile phone

Sometimes if you want to change mobile company you need to unlock your mobile phone. This can be difficult in some situations but quite a few of the companies in Australia now will allow you to unlock so long as you have spent enough money on your account if you are on prepaid or if you have had the contract for a certain length of time.

Many of the mobile companies have unlocked iPhones so that you can change to another network but always check prior to switching.

SIM only plans listed on our Compare Mobile Plans page are often much cheaper than buying the mobile on a plan.

To find the IMEI number of your phone required to unlock your phone type in *#06#  on your phone or you can somtimes find it on the box or phone.


To unlock your mobile for use on other networks, you may need to pay an unlocking fee.  It’s $80 for phones activated 6 or less months, or never activated; and $25 for phones activated more than 6 months up to 2 years. There is no unlocking fee after that.

To unlock your Pre-Paid Mobile, or check your unlocking fee, follow the steps below:

Step 1 of 4: Type *#06# on your mobile, and write down the code that’s shown. This is your phone’s IMEI number.

Step 2: Contact the Telstra Pre-Paid Unlocking Centre direct call 125 8880 from your Telstra Mobile and follow the prompts
Step 3: You’ll be asked for your phone’s IMEI code and will then be advised of the unlock fee and payment instructions.

Step 4: Once payment is completed you will be advised of unlocking instructions.



If bought before 3/9/12 – No fee

If bought on or after 3/9/12:

within 6 months – $80 (unless you have recharged more than $80 when no fee)

After 6 months – or $25 (unless you have recharged more than $80 when no fee).

See the link above for full terms & conditions.



Some phones may be locked to Vodafone, meaning they can’t be used on another network until they’re unlocked.


  1. Less then 6 months- $50
  2. More than 6 months – $25

On a plan: No fee if locked but need to use unlock device on page above.


Virgin Mobile

Generally Virgin Mobile devices are not locked but you may need to call to check if unlocked

If you are a Pre-Paid Member and would like to network unlock your handset all we ask is that you have Topped-Up your service with at least $80.00 (NOT counting your original included credit) of recharge credit.

If you have not yet topped up with $80.00 you will need to add more top-ups to your service so that your total recharges (not counting your initial included credit) equal at least $80.00. Virgin won’t take this credit as a charge to unlock your handset, you’ll get to keep and use your credit.