Aldi Mobile

Current Offers:


offer is only available online when you topup $5 credit! (In-store SIMs cost $2). (90 day Credit expiry, no Flagfall & calls only 12c/min!) 


Aldi Mobile plans has one of the cheapest mobile rates in Australia for very low users (credit lasts 365 days).
They run on part of the Telstra 3G network with their excellent coverage.
Aldi Mobile use the slower download speeds on the Telstra 3G network rather than working on the latest 4G network.
Aldi Mobile offers 2 plans:
1. Pay as you go Prepaid- Very Low Mobile Users
Best for very low usage mobile users as 365 day expiry period on credit
Calls 12c/min
TXTs 12c
No Flagfall
Data 5c/Mb (You can also buy 2Gb Mobile Data Pack which lasts 30 days for $15)
International calls from 10c/min
Packs available for $15 & $30 credit

Aldi’s prepaid is one of the best option if you are a very low mobile user as your mobile credit lasts 365 days!
2. High User Mobile Users 
These deals on Aldi Mobile aren’t as good as they used to be. Currently offering:
$35 get you:
Up to 1250 minutes calls
2200 SMS
2Gb Data
You can call Aldi Mobile on 1300 989 000 on a landline or if you have an Aldi Mobile 2534
Better value is offered by Yatango Mobile or Amaysim Unlimited Mobile
How Fast is Aldi Mobile Internet? 
Speedtest trials have been done on Aldi SIM in Sydney & found mobile internet speeds of around 6Mbps Download & 3Mbps Upload (this compares to around 12Mbps download & 3Mbps Upload on the standard Telstra Next G 3G service)