Pearler vs OpenTrader vs SelfWealth

In Pearler vs OpenTrader vs SelfWealth, we’ll compare some of the best value online share trading in Australia with fees from only $5 up to $5000 trade.

Pearler Online Trading is a new online share trading brokerage that has been launched. It has one of the cheapest share trading fees with $9.50 fee (same as Self Wealth) but interestingly have an auto invest scheme where you can set up an automatic investing strategy. Pearler also allows you to buy fee free a selection of 45 ETFs if held for over 1 year.

Opentrader has great low rate fee structure

$5 for share trade up to $5000

$10 for share trade $5000 – $10000

$15 for share trade $10000 – $15000

0.1% fee for trades over $15000

It uses ANZ as it’s share management account and is CHESS sponsored. Need to see if this would be able to receive NPP payments that are received into accounts within the day but needs to be discovered.


Self Wealth

SelfWealth has a fee structure that is better for larger share trades as it has a maximum fee of $9.50 just like Pearler.

It has been around for some time and is CHESS Sponsored.


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