Amazon Alexa Dot vs Google Home Mini Australia

There are two new personal assistants – Amazon Alexa Dot vs Google Home Mini. Amazon & Google are also offering there larger Amazon Alexa & Google Home which are more expensive. Apple HomePod is coming soon.

Google Home Mini vs Amazon Alexa Dot vs Apple HomePod

Google Home Mini

Has had some special offers recently if you buy two you get a discounted price.

Need to use with Google Chromecast to play & control your TV shows & movies.



Sounds better than Amazon Dot

Link to your google account.



Can play to another speaker without Google Chromecast.


Amazon Alexa Dot

Offers ability to use with a number of apps including Spotify, Amazon Video, NAB, Virgin Australia, Qantas and much more as soon as it is released.

Ability to check weather, traffic etc.


Can transmit to another speaker via blue tooth or 3.5mm audio cable



Sound isn’t as good as Google Home Mini


Apple HomePod

Coming soon