Compare Car Sharing Companies

Car Sharing can save you lots of money especially if you live in a city with expensive parking charges and impossible driving conditions.
If you mainly use public transport and only use your car occasionally for shopping etc, these car sharing deals could save you $$$.
They are mainly based in
Sydney has approx 2000 cars
Melbourne 600 cars
Brisbane 8 cars
Adelaide 8 cars
There are 3 main companies:
GoGet: Cars in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane & Adelaide
FlexiCar Cars in Melbourne. No sign up fee
GreenSharedCar Cars in Sydney & Melbourne but hoping to open in other regional areas including Gold Coast, Perth, Cairns, Newcastle, Canberra & more
They offer varying deals. Often there are sign up fees
GoGet offers students free sign up and cheaper rates.
There have been some new schemes in the states where people share journeys which is now starting to occur here in Australia.
There has even been a scheme where people who are driving to the airport drop off their car for the 2 weeks, someone else arriving on holiday can use it for a fee and then return it in time for your return to the country.
DrivemyCar is another option where you can also list your own car online for other to hire
Other sharing initiatives such as Textbook rentals are available at Zookal