Save on Eating Out Deals

How to Save on Going Out at Cinemas & Restaurants & Take Aways.

Cheap cinema nights

Tuesdays at Hoyts, Village & Reading Cinemas.

This is the cheapest nights to be going out to the cinema but gets busier on these nights due to this discount. Of course their are also seniors & student discounts at other times.You can also buy cinema vouchers if you are a regular cinema goer that can save you about 10%.

Entertainment Book

This offers you discounts in a number of restaurants and leisure venues & even hotels, often up to 50%!

It has been going since 1994 but no that many people know about their numerous offers. To make the best value of this book you should be going out alot but it often pays for itself after 2 or 3 visits to a restaurant and the book lasts for up to a year.

You have to purchase the Entertainment Book with the money raised for the book also going to charity.

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Invite a friend for free at Sydney’s Restaurants, Attractions, Hotels, Events & Spas
Offers a number of specials for eating out around the country.

Takeaway Meals

Domino’s Pizza

Cheap Tuesday’s- Normally large pizza’s are $5.95