Mungi Internet

Mungi Internet offers a new NBN service with fair priced internet plans and great value for money. It was created by a group of Australians who wanted to see Australians get best value plan and deserves the benefits of fast and fair priced internet.

Mungi Broadband offers no setup fees, no contract fees, no disconnection fees, no change plans fees and infinite data.

They offer NBN plans with more clarity plus the ability to change or disconnect from the service whenever you want. This is very new.

Prices are based on the download speed of the internet which are as follows:

Typical speeds expected on peak traffic between 7-11pm (rather than the top speed)

10 Mbps- $54.95 (up to 12Mbps)

20 Mbps- $59.95 (Up to 25Mbps)

35 Mbps- $64.95 (Up to 50Mbps)

50 Mbps- $69.95 (Up to 100Mbps)


You can also pay for Mungi Turbo which offers less congestion on the NBN Network for $19.95/month

You can also get unlimited voice calls to local, national, mobile, 1300 and 1800 numbers for $19.95/month

You will have to pay for an NBN modem if you don’t already have one. From $79.95 for basic modem & $199.95 for the premium modem.

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