Travel Tips

Below you will find the best travel tips to save money, handy tips and advise for a budget trip:

If you are traveling with someone else have some of your clothes in your travel companion and vice versa. This will help in case a bag goes missing.
Roll your pants and shirts up so to occupy less space and avoid having them wrinkle.
Never take more than what you need. This is easier said than than, but its always wise to have a draw or you bag under the bed and start throwing things you know might need when you see them, the sun glasses.. the cap.. etc. Like this you are not panicking at the last minute thinking what you might forget!
Always take a photocopy of your passport and travel documents including your credit card details. If possible upload a copy on the internet, send yourself an email with this so if you get it stolen you have something to proof when going to your embassy.
Never leave home without travel insurance! Its once of those not many things that you want to buy but never to use.
Try to travel when is the best weather, this will let you travel light and potentially avoid in excess fee baggage with low cost airlines.
Assess if you need a visa- penalties for not getting the right visa can be quite high. Getting the visa can be quite expensive as well, so try to still with free visa countries if possible.

Take all the factors when shopping around for the best air fare. There is no point in saving 50 dollars on the airfare when your flight leaves at a time where there is no public transport and you have to catch a taxi to the airport that will cost 80 dollars!
Instead of buying a travel guide, surf on the web and print what is important. Alternatively get the guide from your library.
Plan your budget. Depending on the country you might need to allow yourself more or less.
Try to travel in groups to get discounts. The more the merrier!
Make the most of your student card. You can save loads by showing your student card. In some museums you can even enter for free! Don’t be afraid to ask if they have student concessions.
Ask for a discount – you got the no, so you can only get a yes
Avoid booking in advance your accommodation unless its in peak time or you arrive at an awkward time, traveling with kids or lots of bags. This is specially in 3rd world countries when its easy to arrive to the hotel and ask for the best deal.
Look for the free days for museums.
When renting a car try to pick up and drop off the car in the same location to avoid extra fees.